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I actually use tumblr less because of it. Stupid redesign is all pretty but no utility. Blah, slow P.O.S.


Omg Freaking Asians! Only in CALi I swear…

LOL.  All over the San Gabriel Valley!

I feel this sudden change to my heartbeat’s tempo.

Lying on top of him, half-naked, playing with his hair, was the exact scenario that afternoon. I would love it every time he kissed me, with our tongues playing with each other. He would say “I love you” at the most random times. He would hold my…

Bitch please.

I’d tell you to get it the fuck over with, but I really don’t want any new faindies running around making a bigger mess of the world.

I’m dyin here.  Quick, fast forward to the swimsuit segment so we can lol at all the GREEN jokes.