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Don’t mind me, it’s just my weekly Tumblr app you suck post.

I agree with #1 & #3.

#2 is smoking crack.

ramou replied to your post: Tumblr app…

It’s slow as shit, right?

Dude, where do I start?

Can’t post video links anymore.  Can’t view in Safari.  Can’t press to get the direct link (you know, in case heaven forbid I’d like to share something outside of Tumblr oh damn woe is me), fucken double posts all the DAMN time because the genius that thought of background uploading didn’t realize that ios kills internet connections to apps that are in the bg), what the fuck else. OH YEAH, SLOW AS SHIT.

See, I would post the video itself instead of a link to YouTube but THE FUCKING TUMBLR APP WON’T LET ME.

HELLO? Is anybody there? Staff? Beuller?

I really fucken hate you. You suck.

I actually use tumblr less because of it. Stupid redesign is all pretty but no utility. Blah, slow P.O.S.

o really

lol I just noticed the new icons.  Nice.

Glad to finally see the “Share on Tumblr” button on more and more sites.