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When rulers go bad: A peek inside 5 doomed dictators’ opulent lifestyles

I’m glad the world won’t let us forget, even if we tend to.

"I finally understood him. No sleep. No food. No rest. And he came face-to-face with protesters whose goal was to break the police line.

Sevilla was physically and emotionally exhausted.

But he was following orders. He was just doing his job not to let protesters get near the Batasan Complex.

He did not hurt the protesters, even if some were already throwing rocks and hitting cops with wooden sticks.

Finally, some protesters noticed him, too: a policeman, whom they expected to retaliate, was in front of them, holding his shield firmly, weeping.

And then they started to console Sevilla. A man held his shoulder, telling him that everything would be all right. Another woman comforted him, as she tried to give him a handkerchief to wipe his tears.”

Your dumb asses go and invade another country for the sake of establishing your own kingdom.  You kill people there.  You risk the diplomatic relations between two peaceful nations.  AND THEN YOU EXPECT YOUR MOTHER COUNTRY TO BAIL YOUR ASSES OUT?


Look at this fucker…

A 1930’s guide to Manila’s attractions. Which of these are still “attractions”?


Underwater model Hannah Fraser swims with a whale shark in Oslob, Philippines, for a one-of-a-kind photo-session. The stunt was the brainchild of US photographers Shawn Heinrichs and Kristian Schmidt.

Picture: Kristian Schmidt / Barcroft Media

what the hell…

Boracay (1979)

We can be such assholes to our most beatiful places sometimes. =\

(More pics at Manila Old Timer)

Roxas said Orduna, Alimagno, and their families will be taken under the care of religious organizations pending their inclusion in the government’s witness protection program.

PNoy orders probe on Espino jueteng case - ABS CBN

I fail to see how “religious
organizations” can keep high risk witnesses safe. The accused has access to a ridiculous amount of resources, do they somehow have Liam Neeson bad ass types employed to balance the scales?




Exposed tattoo is a traffic violation?

Catholic Girls by November Garcia

Money in corrupt politics is like water: If it doesn’t have a place to flow, it will make one.