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Want to stay - for free - on a Private Island while you work on making your best ideas happen?

Ideas Island was created as a safe haven for creatives. A place made to inspire and motivate people with great ideas to make those ideas happen. Created to give creative people the time and space needed to sit down and focus on their ideas - while at the same time feeling great.

Ideas Island is a 30 000 sqm big, private island in Palawan, Philippines that you get exclusive access to. Yes, you get the whole island to yourself so that you can focus on finalizing what ever idea you want to make happen.

It has been created to make it as inspiring, relaxing and enjoying as possible to sit and work on ideas.

And here is the best part: It is FREE!

Yes, free. You get exclusive access to a private island in one of the most beautiful parts of the world and you do not have to pay to rent it. All you pay is 50 USD per day - for the whole island (!) - to cover the cost of the cleaning staff and care taker. Renting a private island usually costs from 5000 USD per day or even more …

Food is sold at cost (which in Palawan means very, very cheap. For example: 1 crab for 1 USD. We cook it for you.)  For the boat you just pay for the gas that you use.

What´s the catch? There is none! 
The people behind Ideas Island just want to support the realization of great ideas. We keep the right to decide who gets to stay at Ideas Island and we select the lucky few based on what ideas they plan to work on while on the Island and how much they pledge to support our efforts of supporting the local community in Coron.
If these guys are for real, I fucken love them already.
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